Back to school

  For one week, or 2 (for some of you) the school has already started. Oh, the memories that bring this period of the year. All the excitement, all the flowers, all the sadness that the summer vacation has ended. 

All the wondering around for nothing, chasing butterflies, dogs, or in some cases chickens or gooses, all the hide and seek with the friends- all of those things has ended.

   Well, you know this for sure, when you are a kid 3 months of summer seems a loooot, but growing old seems so little time, for so many things that you plan to do. 

   And the years are passing by and you become a teenager, and the problem with chasing dogs/chickens/butterflies are becoming “OMG again a pimple in my face”, or in some cases a “Unicorn on your face”. It is not easy, and you know it. For girls is easier, with the makeup and all, but for boys- not so much. 

  Maybe It will be easier if we just stop hiding behind masks at such younger age. It is better if we take care of our skin since teenage years. 

I gotta say, when I was in high school I also had problems with my skin, like every teenager. This was the case of my first experience with Garnier. I have used the Garnier products for a long time.

So these are the wonder products that helped me get past high school years:
  • Pure active 3 in 1- it has 3 superpowers: scrub, cleansing gel and mask. 
  • Micellar Cleansing Water- you can use it for cleansing, purifying, also remove the makeup- suitable for all skin types
  • Purifying cleansing wipes- indispensable for lazy times when you go back from a party and you should never fall asleep with your make-up on. They are a life saver for a skin that is oily and has small imperfections
  • Cleansing gel- that makes wonders for your skin if you use it every day

Even though the school has started already, it is never late to take care of your skin.
You can find more details about the products here

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