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Favorite season of Cupid has arrived

Well well, the season of weddings has come. A lot of emotions, stress and of course love is everywere these days. But I think that every woman is dreaming about her wedding day- her personal fairytale , at least since the age when we understand the main difference between men and women 😉

    Everyting is already built in our minds: what flowers will have, what music, our dress & shoes, the proposal and in the end our future “Prince Charming”.
And of course, after aaaall the searching for a prince- comes EVERYTING related to the wedding, cause when we are grown up, our tasted in fashion are grown too 😉
In the end we are creating a fairytale since childhood!
   This fairytale was recreated in a modern way by Irina Calancea the designer of IrkaShoes with her collection Urban Cinderella, and it`s main idea is that The Right Proposal has to be With The Right Shoe. And for that, every bride has the options of buying 2 kinds of vouchers: for 300 and 500 RON so that everything is going to go smothly from ordering the right shoes until wearing them on that special day.
And also based on this vouher, the future Cinderella Bride will have 10 % discount for a hole year
That is a big deal, you know!And for the ones of you who want to find out more details or to buy a voucher you can send an online request to


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