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From Hats to Dress and Impress

I used to be a very shy girl, who didn`t wear much to impress clothes. Maybe it was the teenage years, when you don`t feel very good about yourself. For some reason,  I always had in mind that someone will point fingers or laugh if I would dress differently than the rest.

Considering myself a later blooming girl, in so many ways, I didn`t started, up until my 1st year of university, to dress/act more interesting. Different style of hair was my starting point, but this may have happened because I had a roommate, in my dorm, that she loved braiding my hair. I “had stolen” many hair secrets from her, hihi.

But my style would have a turnaround, when I bought my first hat. It was black, simple and round. From my research, it was the model that was universal, and not too challenging for including it into my wardrobe.

I know, a hat- what a big deal! But believe me, it was. It changed my perspective of wearing accessories and gave me more confidence. After all, people (especially boys 😉 would turn out their heads on the streets, many compliments and for sure all eyes when entering a room were addressed to me- because oh well, I was wearing a hat.

Whoaa!  Such mind-blowing discovery for me.

And the “hat mania” started. I started trying every single hat that I found in stores. After all, I was only buying the hats that I really like, and that were “fitting my face”.

Below are the best tyes of hats, in my opinion, that are universal, that can be very easily inserted into every woman’s wardrobe:

Panama hat– it’a versatile version of hats, and I am associating it with summer, even though there are version made out of wool &co suitable for autumn/winter. There are quite unisex. U and ai sex. Sounds Familiar?! :)) Funny story: After I have bought one of those, I eventually found out it’s exact name.

The way I drink my Latte

Berets– so many colours and styles. The secret is not to strech it to much on your head or your forehead. I am not quite a fan of the method “beret with pins” there are girl what are healping the berets to be stucked more on their heads. You can wear them with beautiful pins or brooch. Or be a Che Guevara.


Boater– you can wear it in many stylish outfits but this hat looks amazing, when combining them with long, sexy, colorful dresses and a beach or a pool, for the lucky ones. Boaters were popular as summer headgear, this is why most of them are made out stiff sennit straw. Initally created for men especially for boating or sailing, hence the name.

Turban made out of an scarf -> also the easiest way to cover your head, if you are lazy to wash your hair :))

Many girl, including me, are quite clumsy when it comes to made stuff happening, even if we watch the same tutorial over and over again. After at least 10 times, I have come up with this

It’s a very chic way to draw attention of everyone, if this is your intention. You only need one big scarf and you can make this happen.

!!! No-Go hats– Fedora hat, believe me, a dandy woman or a dandy man isn’t as classy as you might thing. So please, think twice if this suits you or not.

But my precious hat, that I simply adore and I would wear it every day, if it weren’t for 21 century, it`s this amazing vintage hat Alba Fornari, a bumper hat. I have found it randomly on a Christmas fair, in Catania, from my trip in December. I didn`t had the chance to wear it, until now- damn you winter. It`s 100 % wool and the best thing this types of hats, is that it doesn’t narrow your sight area. It really is a problem with big hats, believe me.

Alba Fornari it`s an Italian brand, from my researches was founded in the `70-`80. Not much information about this brand on the internet. Oh well…we will survive. The earrings were also bought from Catania.

In the end, I think that every woman should have at least 1 hat in her wardrobe- that she really loves and she feeling comfortable wearing it

And let`s feel confident wearing hats, regardless of it`s color or type. Be bold, be spectacular 😉

Blending in

PS: I have already pursued, 2 persons to wear the right hats for them, so give a call anytime when needed help 😀

I am wearing: Skirt& Jacket Mango

Faux Fur Collar Zara

Shoes: H&M

Hat vintage


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