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Marilyn Monroe in Budapest

Life is too short for visiting the same place twice.

That was my idea when choosing this get-a way for the 3 weekend days.

Remaining faithfully to WizzAir, and giving the fact that I have a membership card, allowed me to buy even cheaper tickets that on site (368 RON for 2 persons both ways)

The plan was made: to walk until our feet won’t be felt anymore. And this is exactly what we did.

Before getting to the hotel, we didn’t stop at the right station, and we literally went by, near a road that let`s say it in a poetic way, the exposure of female bodies was at it`s maximum.

In the end, we got safe and sound to the hotel, and star getting ready for exploring the city. The hotel, GoodMo house was very nice, had some nice personnel.

budapest (2)

Due to the Red Bull Air Race Competition, which was amazing by the way, the traffic was disturbed, and our walking trip has gone to 25 km walking by foot in one day. We didn’t felt our feet, but gladly, we visited, the Parliament Building, some of the million bridges (there were so many that at one point to us they all looked a-like).



budapest (1)


Our 3 days trip resumed in 10 most memorable adventures:

  1. Soup with gooseneck (one of hungary recipes) tasted just like my grandma recipe- not too shabby for Ana. The food prices were similar with Romania, and in some cases even cheaper (GO BURGERS) I didn`t had the time, sadly, to taste original kurtos, I did drink, though, some cheap belgian beer in Hungary, hungarian beer- not so fascinated about.
  2. Went on a tandem bike- the most horrifying experience so far and in the same time one of the most amazing. I myself, consider a good “pilot” in riding bikes, but OH MY GOD, that was so hard to ride, mostly when the second person it is not quite an expert. Thanks God we visited the 5 out of the 7 bridges with the bike, cursing, yelling and honking other people to get out of the way by using one of most used phrase in those 3 days: PASSING THRU. Many of the people were so scared by us, that they stopped and were letting us pass, even though they had green light. Nice people. At least some of them.
budapest (3)
  1. 99,99% of the young population know SQUAD ABOUT ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Honestly in Bucharest we can find a lot more people that will help strangers with direction and stuff.
  2. If you want to find a mate/partner go visit Budapest. (I am not kidding) The guys there were like vikings, romans and greeks put all toghether. Their maners though, not that good, I have to admit.
  3. After a looong day riding the bike, I had the chance to dance some salsa, in a street flashmob. Now I know how I look when I am dancing. It is just like when you listen yourself on a recorded video- your voice seems so different than you think it sounds. PS: the guy`s name I simply cannot remember, I only know that he is turkish. Dancing with strangers is overpassing a fear, I might say: you cannot know the level that he/she has, you don`t know if in the end, he/she will mess up or not the song that you really like. But I had luck, I guess. The dance turned out very well, I must say.

  1. As much as I like public transportation in Europe, in Budapest is one of the worst. Why? Because is so messed up. God, even in Paris where the subway has 3 or 4 levels, it was very intuitive to go with it. Not in this case.
  2. Giving the fact that we stayed for 2 nights, so that the 3 night would sleep in the airport, cause of the 6 o’clock morning flight, we decided to make an 1,5 hour Danube Cruise. We saw again the mighty building that are surrounding Budapest, and the fact they were very illuminated, made me wondered about their “Electricity Bill” 😀  We had an amazing view of Budapest at night, a glass of champagne and some life music.
  1. We could not get enough of New York Cafe, one of the best cafe places in the world. It actually is part of a 5* chain Hotels. The architecture is as “avant garde” as the prices. Once in a lifetime opportunity, though.

budapest (4)


  1. My dress & the wind made a pact: to recreate the famous picture with Marilyn Monroe. Words are useless to describe the situation. So I will let the picture speak for itself (trying to be a fashionista even in rough conditions)
  1. Towards the end of our last days in Budapest, we found out that the side of the city that we were living, was actually called Pesta, not Buda, as we thought (damn you gps)

And that was it, but in the end I want to confess that for me, Budapest seemed even more romantic that Paris.

Enjoy life and travel a lot, as much as you can!




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