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Mini Me taken to a whole new level

Disclaimer: Cuteness overloaded!

Because the world is not fully glamorous and because the big companies have an army in marketing department, the inventor of some incredible heels and one of my favorite shoe designer- Christian Louboutin created a special collection “Loubi Baby“. You may wonder the price of those cute bb shoes- hold your horses- 250 $. #PoshLife

Of course the Louboutins trademark- red soles- are present in the most cute fashionable way.

For those of you, #PoshMoms the colection will be available exclusively on Goop from November 16.

I must say that MiniMe style, has been taken to a whole new level.

I love watching fashion movies, inspired by designers or themselves as main characters.

It helps you understand better the brand, the team behind it and of course to increases the dream that “Someday, maybe in another life, of having one pair of Louboutins”.

The next movie what I am eager to see is “Manolo: The boy who made shoes for lizards

I will be waiting patiently the movie about another of my fav designer Manolo Blahnik, one that became famous after “Sex and the City”. And for those of you who thought that Jessica Parker did not pay a cent for those shoes (hundreds were used during years)- you are wrong. Well, HBO had to buy all of the pairs, nothing was given for free.

Get this! 1 pair of Manolos, as they are called, cost in average 500$. Now you do the math.

Some of my favorite fashion movies includes “Valentino- the last Emperor” and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

Maybe someday I will share with you my full list of all time favorite fashion movies 🙂

Until then, I am leaving you with my dream shoes



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