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My Experience in Bucharest

For all of you who don’t know me, I am from Moldova, Republic of Moldova, to be more specific.

I came in Bucharest 10 years ago, starting high school, with a Romanian Government scholarship.

Life without the parents who stayed in Moldova, dealing with everyday`s challenges , especially when you are a teenager- is tuff.

But, it forms your personality, as a member of society and as a human being.

As I have told you here , Bucharest seemed for the first 5 years and so, so dark, and ugly, I have assosicated it with anger, depression and axiety.  Unlike other of my moldavian fellows. They were in a so called “escape from home” vacation”.

After a long time I have started to really enjoy Bucharest, to KNOW it, and I have in the end fell in love with this city

Damn it, I know it better then Chisinau (capital of Moldova- for those of you who aren`t familiar)

And why not to love it?

Amazing city, a lot of interesting events- all year round, you just have to make time for all of them.

One of the amazing events is Experience Bucharest – the largest project promoting Bucharest tourism in social media that has ever been done.

Their mission is to offer a great diversity of experiences so that you discover the real Bucharest, as the eclectic and fun capital that romanian people love and enjoy.

I hostely found out about it from its 1st edition, but because I was working, I couldn’t attend 🙁

The reviews were awesome, amazing speakers, amazing people from all over the world, travel secrets and how to monetize them and so on.

The team of #ExperienceBucharest invited 100 top bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters, passionate travelers and travel influencers to this event generated creative content that had more than 15.000.000 followers combined and more than 50.000.000 people reached around the world. The project was born by a team of volunteers from Travel Massive Romania, along with other local traveler influencers and organizations.

Travel Massive worldwide is a global network of locally connected communities of travel industry insiders who are making travel better in more than 50 countries.

This year, the team from Experience Bucharest, will be again the best hosts for international travel influencers, so that they can discovering Bucharest as the diverse, eclectic capital that we know as locals, starting with bohemian tours, arhitectural treasure hunts, amidst old neighbourhoods, and ending with culinary experiences in alternative places, underground culture performances to huge nightlife parties.

In the end this is a global networking, I could say, with the people that have the same passion as you do- TO TRAVEL.

PS: everytime I go back to visit my parents in Chisinau, I always use Google Maps :))) Does this happens to you too, when you go back to your hometown?


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