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Take your broken heart and make it into ART

This is what Mery Steep said in her famous speech at Golden Globes. Actullay theese are the words that Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia ) said to her. I am not going to talk about her speech, it went viral anyway.

I am going to talk about fears, hearts and beauty. Whether you feel morally down, you should take all you energy and transfer it into something wonderful for you. Yes, right in that moment, you have to be more selfish than ever.
Is that feeling: “It`s now or never”.

I think that you have to have an emotional strength, a revelantion- you name it, in that precis moment, so that you can “Just Do It”. Maybe that strength is developed in time, or maybe, just maybe, it comes after a big “broken heart”.
Either way, you change, and that change is everything, it`s YOU.







I was wearing vintage Armani Exchange jeans
Zara boots
Earings that were a gift from my godmother
Hat & jacket H&M

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