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The people who are surrowding me, have always known me as the one person who is the first to say: Let`s Do It. When someone gives me a crazy ideea, no matter if it`s personal or professional, guess who is saying: Let`s do it 😀
Let`s go swimming naked in the sea, in the midlle of the night (yep this happened in Erasmus as did many other things that will remain in our memories and in the memory of Cartagena), let`s climb an abandoned fortress at night, or in this case: let`s go to a high building, wearing heels, (disregarding the wind the freezing weather, or the danger) and let`s make something amazing.
The EXPERIMENT is LIFE- everyone who dares to do something different everyday, knows for sure that day was worth living. You feel more alive when you do so.

 Maybe it is only the ADRENALINE, that reminds you that you are alive.

Even if it is about talking to the person you don`t like, doing a task that you hate, overcoming some of your fears.
Even if you make a new recipe, even if you say something nice to someone, even if you learn a new thing that day- you feel like that day was worth living.

So I encourge living your live, not only having no regrets, but so that when you will be old you can proudly say:
“Son, I am glad that I lived my life. With good or bad things, it was mine, I have surpassed myself daily, and that is it.”

  1. I have to thank Robert Aurariu, for taking part in this craziness.
  2. This was not only crazy, but also dangerous- SO DON`T TRY THIS AT HOME
  3. Or even if you do, choose a day with no wind 😛

I felt very inspired in this snowy way so thank you for your attention.

Enjoy live,

My outfit was a dress from Zara that I simply adore and it was a gift from a dearest friend, a long time ago.
Make up by Teodora Ilinescu

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