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The red tulips are the new red roses

And the spring finally has come (at least in our souls) giving the rainy days that we had lately.










I was in the mood for something colorful and while I was walking to find inspiration, such a nice old lady came to me and just gave me this bouquet of red tulips. I was willing to buy it, but she said that it was a gift from her. She started telling me that she is growing them in her garden, in all sort of colors- from white and yellow to purple.

So, I was thinking: tupils are not enough appreciated. Maybe you guys when you offer a girl some flowers, you should replace them (from time to time) with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. After all, us girls, we love all the flowers – the more, the merrier.
The eternal combination Black&White and a little splash of Red, should make the day brighter for every woman.


I was wearing:
Skirt: Depot96
Vintage sweather
Shoes: Anna Cori

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