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The story of a forgoten jacket





   There was once a pink jacket that was forgotten in Italy. There were many women who were dying to wear it, cause of it`s color, manufacture and of course it`s famous label.
But they somehow forgot about the jacket. Years were passing by, but the jacket wanted to come out of the closet, to be seen and admired by everyone, to be acclaimed.
   That day has come! Once the perfect boyfriend jeans were seen in the window shop. They were a match that will live a long life together.
  So this story has a beginning and a present: my cousin that lives in Italy for many years already, gave it to me, as a gift like 5 years ago. There was never a good time to wear it, no matter how I tried also maybe because I was in my teenage years when I received it, and I didn`t even know where to wear it, cause you know when you are young and restless is even more daring to wear something unusual for the human eye, they even joke and make fun of you when you try to dress differently.
  The myth of boyfriend jeans, that can be seen sometimes as a very masculine piece of clothing, can be tamed with a sexy pair of stilettos, that we all can admit, saves us the trouble when trying to find something to “dress our feet”.
  Also, I have to say that this style was stuck in my head, when Victoria Beckham started to wear this boyfriend jeans in a sexy manner and with a blow mind attitude. A very classy-chic combination!
  You can realize how easily a pair of boyfriend jeans can be worn and in the same time being sexy, feeling confident and being peaceful with yourself. This outfit is for a modern woman who is not afraid to be challenged everyday. For sure with this stiletto heels she can defend herself against every challenge that life brings 😉
PS: (You also can see below my look in movement)

Love life,

I am wearing:
Versace vintage jacket (collection of the 2000`s)
Jeans : Mango
Shoes: Anna Cori
Earings: H&M

Photo: Alin Apostolescu
Make up: Teodora Ilinescu

Video production: Aurariu Robert

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