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What my skin did this summer

Well let`s see: it took a lot of sun, for sure. Even if I am taking care of my skin as much as I can, it is never enough: there are always new products developed for your type of skin, new researches that are made, so that our skin can look brighter and healthier.
I was excited being at the event that Alist magazine and Clinique organized in Sephora, Bucharest Mall. 

   I have tested a product that seemed very interesting: Clinique moisture surge. You can apply it as an ordinary face cream, excluding the eye area- for that there is another cream.
The first feeling after trying this cream was, that I want to apply it every day on my face, because of the soft feeling and a smooth sensation. Sure the dusty pink helps having that fresh and spoiled sensation on your face.
It is suited for every type of skin regardless of the age, moisturizing it without leaving the face greasy. Also is is perfect as a make up base.

At the event, there were consultants that explained details for each product Clinique and how it`s supposed to be used. I even tested Clinique Pep Start, it is an eye cream that can really make you look “wide awake” even if you haven’t gotten 8 hours of rest. You can apply it on your face, even if you wear make-up, day or evening, and I think that it will be on my future shopping list . 

At the end of the event, we have received some small Clinique treats and I can say that the creme and the mascara are very good products.

Thank you Alist for the invitation.
Enjoy life

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